Church Planting/Missions

We are a “Commissional” church

At the core of our identity is commitment to the Great Commission in everything we are and do. True biblical disciple-making is both individual and corporate. The apostolic pattern seen in the Book of Acts is to take the Gospel into a city, win new disciples, gather them together to establish them in the Faith and form them into local churches (communities of disciples). Hence, the Great Commission is fulfilled, not just through the conversion of individuals, but through the planting of healthy, commissional or reproductive churches.

We are a 3Strand Network Church

3Strand exists to strengthen the local church and make disciples in the Puget Sound region. To learn more about 3Strand visit

We endeavor to see new churches planted

  • Directly out of Crossway in our greater metropolitan area (e.g., in the Lake Stevens area or the Shoreline area) 
  • By sending people out to plant churches 
  • By supporting church planting locally and overseas

Who are we supporting?

 anchor church

Mike & Donna Gunn, Long Beach, CA

mission church
Brian & Elisa Hope, Walla Walla, WA

Devin & Amanda Lorraine, Pasco, WA

vision nationals1
Arjuna and Raji Chigiluri, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

Ethiopia2Wondem Dessalegne, Ehtiopioa, Africa

city youth fellowship

Nchumpemo Shitio, Nagaland, India